A schedule for working moms in the freelance industry

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Tired of all that productivity advice that just doesn’t work unless you have an army of assistants and household helpers? Well, here’s a realistic schedule for working moms who happen to be freelancers.



  • Wake up and try to recreate that morning routine you found in Pinterest.
  • Get kid to daycare.
  • Overdose on your favorite caffeinated beverage, hoping that it will put you into the flow state.
  • Actually work for an hour or two before getting distracted.


  • Try to cope with the side effects of the abovementioned beverage.
  • Cook a meal that’s hopefully edible.
  • Pick kid up from daycare. He has caught his umpteenth cold this season and will have to stay home for the rest of the week.
  • Panic quietly.



  • Try to have a Skype meeting with a new client, only to have it interrupted by a tantrum over a lost Lego piece.
  • Spend the rest of the morning looking for said Lego piece.


  • Realize that you have a deadline today.
  • Work frantically for three hours, ignoring further tantrums.
  • Order a pizza and listen to Dear Husband complain about the absence of a home-cooked dinner.



  • Vow to spend the day on marketing your epic services.
  • Update your website and start researching keywords for your next blog post.
  • The offspring has a diaper blowout that instantly kills your inspiration.


  • Send some cold emails to prospective clients.
  • Read a random blog where someone claims they made $2000 in a week by sending out 5 cold emails.
  • Stare at your junk-filled inbox.
  • Sigh deeply and try to work on the project that’s due tomorrow.



  • Look for productivity inspo online. Spend two hours crafting your perfectly timeboxed schedule.
  • Trip over a toy and try to get your kid hooked on Marie Kondo.
  • Spend the rest of the morning organizing the pantry even though your schedule tells you to work on a new lead magnet.


  • Get some work done while the offspring is napping.
  • Have a meltdown.


See Tuesday.


See Monday, but this time your spouse is responsible for childcare duties.


Eat pizza and watch Netflix.

Featured image credits: Ketut Subiyanto / Pexels

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